I’ll Come to You!

Currently travelling across New Zealand, looking for that ideal place to call home for my growing family – which means I may be in your area soon!

Home visits are available, including full pantry makeovers for those within selected regions – follow @redcloverhealth on Instagram for the latest details and stopover towns.

Alternatively, online Naturopathic consultations can be arranged at any time to suit your convenience, in the comfort of your own home via Skype.

Online Consultation ~ $80

Using Skype as an online portal to interact and communicate about your health and wellbeing. An initial questionnaire will be sent via email for you to complete in your own time and returned to me prior to the consultation. This will give me a better understanding of your current situation so we can jump straight into discussing your treatment plan.

Home Visit ~ $120

Home Visits are Naturopathic Consultations arranged in the comfort of your own home. Perfect for those with small kids that are overdue for some self-nourishing help, but struggle to find the time; as well as those with reduced mobility or lack of transport. 

Fix My Pantry ~ $150

Similar to a home visit, however this consultation takes place in the kitchen! By asking certain health questions I can get an understanding of particular nutrients you may be missing in your diet. Providing you with tips and advice on how to best achieve your health goals using Food as Medicine, deciphering food labels, and healthy eating plans.